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DNA/DDP Scanning DDP Chips

DNA/DDP Scanning

DNA Scanning allows you to get different DNA types. When scanning, press the metal sensors against something conductive such as your fingers, and black bars will appear on the screen to indicate which pins are connected. When you have a Tamer Level of 1, you will receive between one and three of the first DNA item for each scan. Level 2 gives you between one and three of each of the first 2 DNA items, and Level 3 gives between one and three of all 3 DNA items.

DDP Scanning offers special food and weapon items in addition to DNA. Typically, only DDP chips (sold separately) may be used for DDP Scanning. However, you can maneuver a tool like a pen or pin to trigger the "Central Switch" located in the middle of the Matrix Sensor and use the codes below. Most of these codes will give you the item listed. Where "Battle" is mentioned, using the code will result in a battle with a silhouette Digimon; beat the Digimon and you will gain the item it carries.

These cards can be made at home, for easier scanning of DNA or DDP. Use the "DEC" codes listed in the table below.

For a list of item descriptions, please check the Item Page. Entering a code into a different version from the one specified will give you a different result.


The codes refer to the Pattern Bar display. 0 = OFF/No Line; 1 = ON/Line

For Example:
001100 = Sensor #3 and 4 ON.
100100 = Sensor #1 and 4 ON.

All codes have 1 for the 4th Digit. For the other digits, the Accelerator checks which of the other sensors are connected to Sensor #4.

The Central Switch is the white button in the middle of the Matrix Sensor, pressed during DDP scanning.

DNA Scanning

Central Switch = OFF

CODEDECJustice GenomeEvil GenomeNature GenomeUltimate Genome
000100n/aDefault (Unachievable)Default (Unachievable)Default (Unachievable)Default (Unachievable)
0001015Bird, Machine, DarkMachine, Bird, DarkBird, Dark, HolyHoly
0001106Bird, Insect, BeastMachine, Bird, BeastInsect, Dragon, DarkMachine
0001117Beast, Bird, WaterWater, Bird, BeastWater, Beast, MachineDark
00110012BATTLE (Revolmon)BATTLE (Dobermon)BATTLE (Tyranomon)BATTLE
00110113Holy, Machine, BeastDark, Machine, BeastWater, Holy, DarkDark
00111014Holy, Dark, InsectDark, Holy, InsectBird, Insect, BeastHoly
00111115Bird, Insect, BeastMachine, Beast, InsectBird, Holy, DragonHoly
01010020Dragon, Water, DarkDragon, Water, DarkInsect, Dark, BirdMachine
01010121Beast, Machine, HolyBeast, Machine, HolyMachine, Dragon, WaterDragon
01011022Insect, Machine, WaterInsect, Machine, WaterBird, Dragon, WaterHoly
01011123Insect, Holy, DragonInsect, Holy, DragonHoly, Machine, BirdInsect
01110028Holy, Bird, WaterDark, Bird, WaterBird, Water, InsectHoly
01110129Dragon, Water, DarkDragon, Water, DarkHoly, Dragon, InsectInsect
01111030Insect, Holy, DragonInsect, Holy, DragonHoly, Dark, DragonInsect
01111131Bird, Machine, DarkMachine, Bird, DarkWater, Dragon, BeastDark
10010036Bird, Insect, BeastBird, Insect, BeastWater, Insect, BeastDark
10010137Holy, Water, BirdDark, Water, BirdBird, Beast, MachineHoly
10011038Dragon, Dark, MachineDragon, Dark, MachineWater, Machine, HolyDark
10011139Dragon, Machine, HolyDragon, Machine, HolyInsect, Machine, DarkMachine
10110044Insect, Holy, DragonInsect, Holy, DragonInsect, Beast, HolyMachine
10110145Bird, Insect, BeastMachine, Bird, BeastHoly, Bird, WaterInsect
10111046Beast, Machine, HolyBeast, Machine, HolyInsect, Bird, MachineMachine
10111147Beast, Dragon, WaterBeast, Dragon, WaterBird, Machine, DragonHoly
11010052Holy, Dark, MachineDark, Holy, MachineHoly, Beast, DarkInsect
11010153Insect, Holy, DragonInsect, Holy, DragonMachine, Dark, WaterDragon
11011054Dragon, Beast, WaterDragon, Beast, WaterWater, Bird, BeastDark
11011155Dragon, Water, MachineDragon, Water, MachineDark, Beast, DragonWater
11110060Dragon, Water, DarkDragon, Water, DarkMachine, Beast, InsectDragon
11110161Insect, Water, BirdInsect, Water, BirdWater, Dark, DragonDark
11111062Holy, Dark, MachineDark, Holy, MachineInsect, Holy, DarkMachine
11111163Beast, Dragon, WaterDark, Beast, WaterBeast, Dragon, MachineBeast

DDP Scanning

Central Switch = ON

CODEDECJustice/Evil GenomeNature/Ultimate Genome
0001015AegisOmega Blade, Demon Arms
0001106Battle + Lightning HammerThunder Javalin
0001117Holy DNABeast, Holy DNA
00110012Dramon KillerPendulum Blade, Mystic Bell
00110113GramSmiley Bomb, Royal Meister
00111014Battle + Dark CannonBerenjena
00111115Dark DNAWater, Dark DNA
01010020Grey SwordOmega Blade, Demon Arms
01010121Air WindBattle Axe, Pile Bunker
01011022Battle + Energy LanceFairy Tale
01011123Machine/Mutant DNABird, Machine/Mutant DNA
01110028Kaiser KnuckleSmiley Bomb, Royal Meister
01110129Lightning BladeMegido Flame, Holy Arrow
01111030Dragon DNADragon, Insect/Plants DNA
01111131STR-MAXSTR-MAX, Level Reverse
10010036Thor HammerBattle Axe, Pile Bunker
10010137Ice BlowHunting Cannon, Cocytus Breath
10011038Beast DNABeast, Holy DNA
10011139DP-MAXDP-MAX, Protein +
10110044Burning FistMegido Flame, Holy Arrow
10110145Battle + Burning KnucklePsycho Blaster
10111046Water DNAWater, Dark DNA
10111147Level ReverseSTR-MAX, Level Reverse
11010052Mugen CannonHunting Cannon, Cocytus Breath
11010153Battle + Ice ClawNeko Punch
11011054Bird DNABird, Machine/Mutant DNA
11011155One of Every DNAOne of Every DNA
11110060Rappa MikePendulum Blade, Mystic Bell
11110161Battle + Wind SwordFenrir Sword
11111062Insect/Plants DNADragon, Insect/Plants DNA
11111163One of Every DNAOne of Every DNA

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