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Digimon Twin

The Digimon Twin is unique in that it was originally released in pairs. A set of two Twins is required to get the most out of the game.

There are three buttons on the Twin. The A button, the first one, is used to scroll between selections and bring up the menu. The B button, the second, is used to confirm selections. The C button, the third, is used to cancel selections. When held down on the main screen, the C button will also allow you to see the clock. Holding down C and pressing A allows you to turn the unit's sound on and off. The Digimon Twin has a battery save function and can only be brought out of it by pressing B.

When you start your Twin, you will be prompted to enter the time. You are then given an egg that will hatch in one minute. The Twin has no permanent menu icons; the menu is brought up by pressing the A button. The menu is as follows:

  • Care: This icon looks like an exclamation point. Selecting it will bring up whichever care option your Digimon needs. Most of the time, it gives you the option to feed your Digimon, but it also handles flushing, turning the lights on and off, and giving medicine.
  • Training: The next menu screen displays a barbell icon and a book icon. Select the barbell to train your Digimon by rapidly pressing the B button. Select the book to view your Digimon's battle records.
  • Connect: Here, you're given two options: Twin and D-Vice. The Twin option gives you the option to battle another Twin or connect for an instance of Event Communication. The D-Vice option only allows you to connect with an iC or Burst. This will not be a true battle--the iC or Burst will always register a win, and the Twin will get the Bomb item.
  • Stats: This icon looks like a heart. Here, you can view your Digimon's Age, Weight, Hunger, and Strength. The Hunger and Strength gauges will flash between a piece of meat (or vitamin) and a stack of four indicators that function much like the hearts in older v-pets.

Event Communication is the main gimmick of the Twins; you can watch your Digimon training and eating side by side. Event Communication will give one of the following outcomes, listed in order of frequency: eating, training, receipt of an item, special event egg. If two Twins of the same version (two Ls or two Rs) link for Event Communication, both units will receive the Banana item, making it impossible to raise certain Digimon without one of each unit, as some Digimon require the Bomb item or the special event egg.
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