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D-Scanner Barcodes

Product Barcodes

The D-Scanner can read many barcodes on food, books, or other products that you find around the house. These barcodes can contain items, battles or Digimon. Try scanning them backwards as well, as they often contain something in both directions. If one barcode repeatedly gives an error, just move onto the next one, since not all product barcodes are allowed.

Digimon Cards with Barcodes

Some Japanese Digimon Cards have a Barcode on them. They can be scanned by the D-Scanner to get the corresponding Digimon or Item. This section will provide a little background information on the cards with a Barcode and the Digimon Link System Symbol (The Blue D) on them. Newer cards might not have the DLS but they are still card barcodes and may be version specific. Possibilities are as follows.

Link System Symbol


You'll activate a Battle or get an Item if no D-Scanner version is indicated near it. However, you can scan backwards, from right-to-left, on any Card Version to successfully get an event from that card. The backward scan is usually nothing special.

Link System Symbol with number

Examples: DLS1 DLS2 DLS3

These cards will have the number 1, 2 or 3 next to the DLS icon. These barcodes are compatible ONLY with the D-Scanner version specified. Scanning with other versions gets you an ERROR. However, upon scanning them with the correct D-Scanner Version, you will get a Digimon from that version which may possibly be the one shown on the card.

No Link System Symbol


These cards will have the barcode but no DLS icon. These barcodes may possibly be version specific.

Printing Digimon Cards

It is possible to print the barcode from a card scan. WtW Cards has high quality scans, and the Digimon Pictorial Album may have some cards which have not yet been added to the former. For easier barcode scanning, it can help to "sharpen" the barcode in an image editor before printing, and print in greyscale mode to prevent the barcode getting bled over with colored ink. However, it will usually be easier to generate a clean barcode from the number, as described below.

Barcode Numbers

Probably the easiest way to print card barcodes if you know the number is to use the Barcode Server. The cards use type EAN-13, which will be auto-detected on the default setting. Be aware of what size you're printing at; the barcodes will be hard to scan if they are too small. Barcode numbers are listed on the other pages in this section. Or you can input any number, print it out, and see what you've acquired.

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