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Digimon Neo

The Digimon Neo is a Bandai Asia original product. It is a quest-based Digivice in a Pendulum Cycle shell. The focus is on clearing maps and battling, not on raising the Digimon.

When you start the device, you will be prompted to select from one of five possible partners, which will have the following evolution lines:

Version One

Agumon > GeoGreymon > MetalGreymon > WarGreymon > Omegamon
Gabumon > Garurumon > WereGarurumon > MetalGarurumon > Omegamon
Patamon > Angemon > HolyAngemon > Valkyrimon > Seraphimon
Tentomon > Kabuterimon > MegaKabuterimon > HeraklesKabuterimon > Raidenmon
Gomamon > Ikkakumon > Zudomon > Vikemon > Plesiomon

Version Two


Digimon will evolve or devolve depending on various conditions and items. Evolution is relatively forgiving and even if your Digimon devolves, it does not take long to get it back to where it was in the first place. Evolution will also occur very, very quickly; by the end of the first map, your starter should be able to evolve to its highest form. Digimon that are in the party but are not used in battle will evolve slowly on their own. Digimon that are used in battle will evolve more quickly.

Gameplay is similar to other quest-based Digivices. You shake the Pendulum Neo to progress along a map and battle various Digimon along the way before fighting the boss of each area of the map. Your Digimon is powered up for battle by a sliding meter. You have to press the button when the meter is full in order for an attack to be successful.

Pressing A at the main screen brings up the menu. Pressing B at the main screen brings up the distance to the end of the map as well as the total amount of steps you have taken. Menu options are as follows:

  1. Status: Check your Digimon's current stats, Life, Attack, and Speed. The last Digimon you view the stats of will be switched out to be your current partner.
  2. Map: Check your current progress on the map.
  3. Item: Check your current inventory of and use items. Items may be used outside of battle or during battle depending on their function. At the start of the game, you are given two items: Digivolve I and Overpower.
  4. Game: The Neo contains one minigame in which you must move a car through a series of barriers. A moves the car left, B moves the car right. When you crash into a wall, it's game over. Winning the game gets steps taken off of your distance to the end of the current map.
  5. Medical: Heal your Digimon.
  6. Connect: Battle another device.
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