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General FAQ

Will the Japanese text be a problem?

In most cases, no. Where Japanese text is used at all, the menus are generally very simple and easy to remember, and often accompanied by pictures. The iC/Burst may take slightly longer to get used to, but following the guide on this site, the text shouldn't present any problems.

The Japanese D-3, Analyzer, D-Terminal and DigiWindow have more complex menus, and may require some dedication.

What batteries do I need?

LR44 are alkaline button batteries, also known as AG13 or A76. They can be replaced with SR44 silver oxide batteries, also known as SG13 or 357, which are more expensive but last longer.

CR2032 is one of the most common sizes of lithium coin cell.

For AAA, alkaline batteries are the most suitable. You can use rechargeables, but they last so long it is hardly worth it.

General battery precautions: Leaking batteries can permanently damage your V-Pets. Always buy reputable brands even if you have to pay more. Remove the batteries if they go flat, pass their expiry date, or if the device will not be used for a while. Don't mix different types of batteries, or batteries with different levels of charge. The cheaper dry-cells for AAA, and alkaline LR44, seem to be the usual source of problems here.

Original V-Pet2*LR44
Pendulum Progress2*LR44
Pendulum XCR2032
Digivice (Jp)CR2032
D-3 (Jp)CR2032
D-Terminal (Jp)2*AAA
Agumon/Patamon battler2*AAA

Pendulum CycleCR2032
Digivice (US/Eu/Asia)2*LR44
D-3 (US/Eu/Asia)Version 1: 2*LR44; Versions 2+3: CR2032
D-Power (US)2*AAA
D-Power (Eu/Asia)CR2032
Data LinkCR2032
D-Terminal (US/Eu/Asia)2*AAA
D-Spirit 2???
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