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Digimon Xros Wars Minis

The Digimon Xros Wars Minis are the fourth entry in the Digimon Mini series. However, they are very different from prior Minis, and thus require their own separate guide. The Xros Wars Minis will not connect with previous three-pronged pets. Keeping in tune with the anime series they are based upon, the Xros Wars Minis do not follow a linear evolution path. Rather, evolution is achieved by Digixrossing, which is accomplished upon beating specific in-game enemies. Digixrossing is not permanent, and your Digimon may revert to an earlier form at some point.

Set-up and Gameplay

After pulling the tab, you will be prompted to set the time. The A button selects, the B button confirms, and the C button cancels. Once you have set the time, you will immediately be given a full-grown Digimon—Shoutmon on the red, the Xros Wars Greymon on the blue, and SkullKnightmon on the black. There is no time spent waiting for an egg to hatch and no needy baby stage to pass through. Once you have been given your Digimon, all menu options, including battling, will become available. Since this is a Mini, there are no menu icons, and all menus are accessed through pressing one of the buttons.

    • A Button: Pressing this button usually brings up the food menu. The top option, Diginoir, is a Xros Wars specific item that has replaced the more traditional Meat. The bottom option is the same old Protein. Diginoir fills hunger, Protein fills strength. If the Digimon has gotten sick or injured, pooped, or needs the lights turned on or off, pressing A will bring up that menu when necessary.

    • B Button: Holding down the button brings up the Training option. Train the Digimon to raise its strength by repeatedly pressing the B button when the count begins.

Simply pressing the B button once brings up the battle menu:
      • X Battle: Xros Battle. You will be given an in-game opponent to fight. If you win and the Digimon you have just defeated is capable of Digixrosing, you will be given an options screen. The first option confirms the Xros, the second cancels it.
      • C Battle: Connect Battle. Connect and battle with another Xros Wars Mini.

    • C Button: Pressing the C button brings up your Battle Records. Holding it down brings up the clock.
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