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Xros Loader


The Xros Loader is the Digivice that coincides with the sixth series of the Digimon anime, Digimon Xros Wars. The Xros Loader is notable in that it is the first Digivice to have a backlit color screen. It uses IR connection, but it is not compatible with any prior releases that also feature the IR connection.

In keeping with its role as a Digivice linked to a particular anime series, the Xros Loader makes use of that series’ gimmick, the DigiXros.


To operate the Xros Loader, the click wheel is used to make selections, and it may be moved either left or right. The center button confirms selections, and the right top button cancels them.

Immediately upon starting the device, you will be prompted to enter your name. You have eight characters, and the English alphabet is available (and is more quickly accessed by scrolling to the left). The Xros Loader does not have a clock function, and the time of day has no impact on gameplay. The Xros Loader may also be left alone for long periods of time with no ill effects.

When the top part of the Xros Loader is slid upwards, the microphone feature becomes active. In this mode, you will be able to search for new Digimon by pressing the center button and holding the device up to anything that makes sounds.

Digimelodies may be used to obtain specific Digimon, and these may be played at http://digimon.net/digimelody/index.html . Press the center button to start the sound scanning at the same time you play the Digimelody for best results.


In this mode, you are given the opportunity to create three separate armies with which to do battle. Each army must be led by one leader Digimon, and the number of subordinates you may use increases as the leader’s level goes up.


In this mode, you travel through different Zones, doing battle and playing minigames in order to clear the Zone’s area. When you select a space on the Zone Map, there are three different outcomes:

  1. Battle – Fight and defeat the leader of that area. On the first turn of the battle, you attack with your subordinates (maximum of three at once). On the second turn, you attack with your leader Digimon. The opposing leader may not be attacked if it has three subordinates out in front of it.
    • When you attack with the subordinate Digimon, the menu is as follows:
      • Attack
      • Other
        • Digimemory – Use Digimemory. You may only use one Digimemory per battle.
        • Digixros – Digixros Digimon; DMP bar must be full. DMP bar is filled by defeating enemy’s subordinate Digimon.
      • Release from Digixros (?)
    • When you attack with the leader Digimon, the menu is as follows:
      • Attack
      • Use special ability (uses DMP)
  2. Connect
    • Battle: Battle with another Xros Loader
    • Trade: Trade Digimon with another Xros Loader
  3. Book
    • Leader Digimon: View Digimon that are capable of serving as leaders. Pressing the upper left button will allow you to view their status screen. Scrolling left or right at the status screen brings up possible Digixroses and the Digimon required for said Xroses.
    • Subordinates: View Digimon that serve as normal troops. Pressing the upper left button will allow you to view their status screen. Scrolling left or right at the status screen brings up possible weapons Xroses.
  4. Card
    • Digimemory: Preview the effects of a Digimemory.
    • Code Crown: Activates a Code Crown.
  5. Music
    • This option turns the Xros Loader into a music player. In order to use this feature, you must have an SD memory card, which will be inserted into the Code Crown slot. For the purposes of this testing, a 4 GB SD memory card loaded with a variety of mp3s at different bitrates and created with different programs was used. It is advisable to turn the Xros Loader’s own sounds off before playing music on the device, as they are not controllable at all during music playback and may surprise you in being uncomfortably loud with earbuds inserted.
    • To control the music playback, the center button is used to toggle between shuffling between the tracks or controlling the volume. When the forward and back arrows are at the top of the screen, using the click wheel will shuffle through the mp3s. When the top of the screen shows a green line showing the volume of the song, the click wheel will adjust the song volume.
  6. General
    • This option views the player’s name and battle statistics.
  7. Setting
    • Background: Change the background on the Xros Loader’s main screen.
    • Volume: Adjust the volume of the Xros Loader’s sound. This has no effect on the music function.
    • Screen Brightness: Adjust the brightness of the screen.
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