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D-Spirit Version 2

Like the first version of the D-Spirit, the D-Spirit Version 2 combines the database function of the D-Terminal with a quest mode. With this model, the quest is inspired by the Pendulum X and D-Cyber.

Button Functions
Up: Cancel, move up in Quest Mode.
Down: Confirm, move up in Quest Mode.
Left: Select left.
Right: Select right.
Button to the left of the screen: Open screen doors.
Button to the upper right of the D-Pad: Turn on device and enters the map in Quest Mode.
Button to the lower right of the D-Pad: Enters the Digimon screen in Quest Mode.

Device Functions
  1. Database: This function allows you to browse the Digimon database for information on a particular Digimon
    • Name: Search for Digimon by name.
    • Number: Search for Digimon by number.
    • Level: Search for Digimon by level.
    • Digi-Digit: Search for Digimon by the Digi-Digit codes used in the D-Tector and the D-Spiritís quest mode.
    • Connect: Connect to another device to analyze the Digimonís data.
  2. Quest: Begin the Quest Mode.
  3. Connect: Connect to other devices for battle or other D-Spirits to trade items.
    • V.S. Battle: Battle other devices. You will be asked if you are using a U.S. version device or Japanese version.
      • Call: Use Digi-Digits to call out a database Digimon to battle.
      • Quest: Call out your Digimon from the Quest Mode to battle with.
    • Trade: Trade items with another D-Spirit.
  4. Sound: Turn sound on or off.

Quest Mode
Upon beginning the Quest Mode, you will be asked to select from the two protagonists of the Digimon Chronicle mini-manga, Kouta (the goggleboy) and Yuuji. Kouta begins with Dorumon, and Yuuji begins with Ryuudamon. You will then see a short animation beginning the quest, and after that, you will be given the following menu:
  1. Dice: Roll a die and advance through the various rooms of the map using the D-Pad. You will not activate an event unless you land on it by exact count.
  2. Escape: Exit Quest Mode.

Throughout your travels, you will encounter various events on the map.
  1. Battle: (Represented by a skull.) Battle a random Digimon on the map.
  2. Item: (Represented by a box.) Find an item. Feeding your Digimon certain items may cause evolution.
  3. X-Antibody: (Represented by an X.) Replenish your Digimonís X-Antibody points.
  4. Event: (Represented by an exclamation point.) Encounter a special event.

Battling in quest mode is accomplished by selecting various attacks off of a menu. If the Down button is pressed repeatedly while the your Digimon attacks, your Digimon may be able to interrupt and use an item to increase its power.
  1. Attack: Increase Attack by 20%.
  2. Attack +: Increase Attack by 50%.
  3. Defense: Enemyís damage to your Digimon is decreased by 20%.
  4. Defense +: Enemyís damage to your Digimon is decreased by 50%.
  5. Hit: Enemyís defense drops two ranks.
  6. Hit +: Enemyís defense drops five ranks.
  7. Avoid: Increase defense two ranks.
  8. Avoid +: Increase defense five ranks.

Pressing the button to the lower right of the directional buttons will bring up the Digimon menu.
  1. Status: View your Digimonís stats.
  2. Meal: Feed your Digimon and give it items. Some items will cause the Digimon to evolve. A guide to evolution may be seen here.
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