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The D-Ark is the third in the series of Pedometer Digivices. You gain more Digimon as you progress throughout the areas by inputting their card numbers along with a symbol of Digi-code. After certain amounts of battles your Digimon will evolve into their more powerful forms. Progressing through the Area's requires you to take 'Steps' which in turn is a mini pendulum clicking on the inside of the toy. Keep it attached to your belt and as you walk (or shake it manually) the counter will decrease leading you to the boss of the Area. Beat the boss to progress.

Set-Up and Game Play

Set the time, then you choose your Digimon partner, and start walking them by shaking. Your Digimon can train in the training mode. Here are the options. (These appear if you press the down button on the D-Ark. Pressing the up button shows the time.)

  1. Training: Here you can train your Digimon.
    1. Terriermon/Labramon - Shake (6 times for Child Digimon, 5 times for all others, this works for all evolutions as well).
    2. Guilmon - Push (Try to get over 27, this works for all evolutions and Dark line as well).
    3. Renamon Line- (Wait one second after it says COUNT.)
      • Renamon- Up, Down, A, B
      • Kyuubimon/Youkomon- Down, A, B, Up
      • Taomon/Doumon- Up, Down, B, A
      • Sakuyamon/Kuzuhamon- Up, B, A, Down
  2. Card: You can slash cards for items, or Digimon partners. You can only slash the Digimon you have seen to access them as partners. Slashing a Digimon you haven't seen will result in an error. What Digimon you've seen will be in the Note section. Steps to slash are as follows.
  3. Note: The Digimon you've seen (and thusly are able to Slash).
  4. My Digimon: These are the Digimon you've slashed in the 'Card' Option. The more they fight, the stronger they get. You can have eight Digimon, two from each level.
  5. Item: These are the items you've gotten from Impmon, or Slashing. You can hold a maximum of three of each item.
  6. Medical: Heal your Digimon after a lost battle, or it won't be able to walk or fight.
  7. Network: This consists of two options.
    1. Battle Option: Battle the Pendulums, D-3/D-Terminal, and D-Ark.
    2. Trade Option: Allows you to trade items with another D-Ark.
  8. Swan Link: Enables you to link to the following WonderSwan Color games:
    1. Digimon Medley - Battle
    2. Battle Spirit - Battle
    3. Brave Tamer - Battle and Trade Items


  1. The D-Ark will not Jogress with D-3 or Pendulum Series.
  2. Not compatible with Digital Monster, Digi-Battle Toys, Digivice Series, or Digimon Analyzer
  3. Will not upgrade Digimon Analyzer or D-Terminal with 'new' Digimon data
  4. To Slash a Digimon, you have to "See it", what this means is you either have to battle that Digimon on in the Areas or battle it on the WonderSwan games.

Button Functions

  1. Pressing the 'cancel' button while your Digimon is on the screen brings up the map. Pressing the 'accept' button shows you how many steps are left, and how many have been taken, along with what area you are currently in. Press 'cancel' to exit these screens.
  2. Pressing the 'accept' button while your Digimon is on the screen lets you scroll through the other Digimon you have, if you have rescued them from Impmon. If you push 'accept' while on another Digimon, you will begin to use them. You can see how many battles they've won, and how many more they need until their next evolution, by continually pressing 'accept.'

Impmon Event:
A different tune than that of an enemy or boss tune marks Impmon's appearance. Try to have your Digimon at the adult level, trained, and a plug-in is useful as well. When you confront Impmon initially, you must accept his challenge. Once you see him, you must shake to chase him down, but if you don't get him, there is no penalty or reward. If Impmon has a partner Digimon, and you beat him, then you will have access to that new Digimon. If you lose, your loss will be recorded, and you'll have to wait for Impmon again. Impmon does not always carry partners, he also carries items.

Battle Options

  1. Battle (Kougeki): This sends your Child Digimon into battle. Afterward, a code insertion screen appears, and you may enter a code of an option card.
  2. Evolve (Shinka): You may evolve here. After the evolution, you will begin the Battle phase, including the Card Slash sequence. (This option does not appear until you are able to evolve).
  3. Trade (Nakama): This allows you to switch between different Partner Digimon during battle. Afterwards, you are returned to the Battle Menu.
  4. My Digimon: Your slashed Digimon rest here. You will also have access to whatever evolution line you have set up. These Digimon have the potential to be stronger or weaker than Partner Digimon, depending on how much they've battled. Slashed Digimon are not able to train.


  1. Sound: To switch off sound hit the a and b button at the same time
  2. All Notes Code: Open the battery cover, and find a white button. Go to "Card Slash," choose Box A, and type in [ ] 000 as your code, then Slash while pressing the white button. You will have all the Digimon information. Now all you need to do is Slash them with their codes. This is for Version 1 and Version 2. For the D-Ark version 1.5, type [*]-909 instead of [ ]-000 to get all the notes

D-Ark Ultimate Version Exceptions:

  1. The 'My Digimon' option in the main menu is replaced by the Team option. In this option, you choose any three Digimon you want from your Notes, no slashing required. If you choose all Vaccine, then they'll have more HP. If they are all Virus, they'll get more AP. All Data Digimon give you a higher rate of super attacks/winning, and one of each Attribute lets you have one point up in every Stat.
  2. The 'My Digimon' option in the Battle Menu is where you select a member of your chosen team to battle.
  3. In the Ultimate version, there are new options and abilities. First, you can slash a Digimon without having to have seen it already. It will be registered into your Notes. Also, the Jogress option is available, in which you slash two Digimon cards to get another one.
  4. Because you can obtain every Note Digimon at the start by just slashing their cards, there is no need for the All Note Code in this version.
  5. The ability to Combo Slash. Enter the first card code, slash it, then the second card code, and slash it as well. Your combo won't be confirmed or denied until you slash both cards. See the Card Section for more info on combinations.

Special thanks to LopmonDE.
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