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Data Link Digivice

The Data Link Digivice is the Bandai America version of the Digivice iC. It combines aspects of a regular v-pet with the quest-based gameplay of previous Digivices. The Data Link, like the iC, allows you to use a sensor atop the device to obtain new items. The Data Link and other toys in the Digimon Data Squad toyline come with chips you can use to get items, or you can just scan your fingers.

The Data Link allows you to select from the three main partner Digimon in Digimon Savers—Agumon, Gaomon, and Lalamon—as your partner Digimon. Once a partner Digimon is chosen, it cannot be changed until the game is complete. The partner Digimon only evolve during battle and will not remain in their evolved forms. Higher stages of evolution are attained through leveling up with the training minigames. You must also take care of your partner by feeding it, turning the lights out when it sleeps, and debugging its messes (a censored version of flushing poo), but this has no impact on your Digimon’s performance in battle.

Set-up and General Game Play:

The first button scrolls between selections, the second button confirms, and the third cancels. You begin the game by inputting your name (up to 5 characters) and the current time. After that, you select your partner Digimon. The menus are as follows:

  1. Charge: This function uses the sensor on top of the Data Link.
    • DNA Charge: Place the sensor on your hand or something that conducts electricity to get various items.
    • Plate Charge: Use the chips that come with the Data Link (or other toys in the Data Squad toyline) to get various items.
  2. Status: You can view your Digimon's stats and inventory here.
    • Status: Here, you can view your Digimon's Type, DNA Type, Hunger Meter, Digimeter, Attack Level, Defense Level, victories, level of completion of the game, evolutionary levels, and your username.
    • DNA: View your inventory of stored DNA.
    • Item: View and use your inventory of items.
    • Point: View your inventory of points.
  3. Food: View your inventory of food and feed your Digimon.
  4. Medical: Choose from the Bandage or Medicine to heal your Digimon as necessary.
  5. Care
    • Debug: Flush your Digimon’s “messes.”
    • Light: Turn the light on and off so your Digimon can sleep.
  6. Minigames: Play games to raise your Digimon’s stats and earn points.
    • Training: These minigames raise your Digimon’s stats.
    • Point: These minigames raise your Digimon’s points.
  7. Coliseum: Fight in various coliseums. The more you beat, the more you unlock. Coliseum victories count towards the percentage of the game you have completed.
  8. Shop: Use Points to buy items for your Digimon.
  9. Connect: Connect with other Data Links. The Data Link will not connect with any previous model of Digivice or any of the Japanese versions.
    • C-Battle: Battle another Data Link.
    • C-Item: Trade items with another Data Link.
    • Point: Trade points with another Data Link.
    • ????: Unknown function.

With the exception of the Coliseum battles, battles are randomly occurring and you will be given missions to complete. These missions involve battling other Digimon. Occasionally, enemies will evolve. The battle menu is as follows:

  1. Digivolve: Evolve your Digimon. You MUST have DNA of a type corresponding to your partner in order to evolve.
  2. Upgrade: Use other DNA to enhance your Digimon’s stats.
  3. Special: Use special items to evolve your Digimon into an alternate Mega form.
  4. Help: Call in one of your other partner Digimon for assistance. The partner will come in and launch an attack at the enemy. This rarely does much damage.
  5. Battle: Attack without doing anything special.
  6. Escape: Run from the battle. Using this option counts as a loss.
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