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The D-Terminal is a database item that was released with the D-3 Digivices. It has the following functions:

  1. Database: There are four ways to select a Digimon.
    • Name: Select the first letter of the Digimon's name from the list, and a list of Digimon starting with that letter appears. Select the name you were looking for.
    • Number: Enter the 3-digit number using the up/down arrows and the OK button.
    • Card: Choose "Starter" or "Booster", then enter the 3-digit card number.
    • Connect: Connect to a D-3 or European D-Power to scan a Digimon.
    Once a Digimon has been selected, the following features are available:
    • Figure: The Digimon on the screen does a simple animated movement.
    • Name: Gives the Digimon's number and name.
    • Level
    • Group
    • Type: Data, Virus or Vaccine.
    • Data Size: in Gigabytes.
    • Technique
    • Digivolve: Lists available forward, reverse and Armor evolutions. Select one to change to that Digimon. Only the Season 1 and 2 partner Digimon have evolutions available.
  2. Translate: Enter up to five letters followed by the "end" character, using the up/down arrows and the OK button. The word is displayed in Digi-Code, along with a corresponding sequence of sounds.
  3. Game:
    • Game A: Objects are moving across the screen in three rows, and various speeds. Use the up/down buttons to move between rows (the cursor cannot be moved from the centre column) and press the OK button to fire at an object under the cursor. Hitting an object increases your score, and faster-moving objects are worth more. There is a bar at the bottom which decreases each time you fire a shot, and each time an object gets to the other side. When the bar runs out, the game is over.
    • Game B: A Digimon is shown, then scambled in 8 sections (4 rows and 2 colums). Use the up/down and OK buttons to select two sections to swap. Repeat until the picture is correctly arranged.
  4. VS Battle: Enter a Call Password of up to five letters followed by the "end" character, using the up/down arrows and the OK button. The word is displayed with its corresponding sequence of sounds. After a few moments, a Digimon will appear according to the letters entered. Press the OK button to see its power rating, and press OK again to listen for a connection. The D-Terminal can only battle using the V-Pet rules, and you must press the button on the other item to connect.
  5. System:
    • Sound: On or Off.
    • Contrast: A scale of 1-8, where 1 is the faintest and 8 is the darkest.
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