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Digimon Analyzer


Released along with the Season 1 Digimon TV Series the Digimon Analyzer or Koushiro's Laptop. You can unlock all the Digimon on the Analyzer just by solving the puzzles. It starts with all Baby I and Baby II Digimon analyzed, and if you enter the puzzle mode, you unlock all Child, then all Adult, etc. The Digimon you can unlock are from the V-Pets Versions 1-5 and Pendulums Versions 1.0-5.0 (no Ver. 0 or .5 versions) as well as Digimon on Ver. S, Ver. WonderSwan, and the Adventure Digivice. If you analyze the .5 Pendulum Versions the Analyzer will read it as the .0 Version (Eg: Tortomon instead of Tailmon on the 1.5). Only the V-Pet and Pendulum Digimon have sprites moving around when you view their data.

First Boot

Most screens are for information only - press the OK button to advance.
Enter your name when prompted. The key to the right of ON/OFF allows you to switch between katakana, letters and numbers; then press the number keys repeatedly, as on a mobile phone.
You will be prompted to choose a level of Digimon, from Child/Adult/Perfect, to start off with. Random Digimon of that level will be added to your picture book. You get 4 Digimon if you select Child level, 2 Digimon if you select Adult level, or 1 Digimon if you select Perfect level.
Finally, you will be prompted to enter the time. Use the number keys to enter the numbers, and the kana/letters/numbers selection key to change between AM/PM. Once the time is confirmed, the intro sequence is displayed for the first time, and then you can press OK to go to the main menu.

When you change the batteries or press the reset button, any previous saved game is loaded automatically, and you are only prompted to enter the time. To erase your saved game, press the reset button while holding OK, then press OK twice to confirm.

Main menu

The Digimon Analyzer has a large menu structure, with mainly Japanese text. Most lines in this guide have three parts as follows, separated by dashes:
  • What appears on the screen (mostly katakana; you will need Japanese text support to see it).
  • Transliteration of English loanwords (or expansion of abbreviations) in all-caps; or translation of Japanese words in mixed case.
  • Further information or explanations.

アナライズ - ANALYZE
  • アナライズ - ANALYZE - choose a level, then play an unscrambling game to unlock more Digimon (see below)
    • [left-to-right menu, showing progress bars for the number of Digimon unlocked at each stage]
    • [not all levels appear at the same time, and this menu does not appear after all Digimon are unlocked]
    • セイチョウキ - Child Stage
    • セイジュクキ - Adult Stage
    • カンゼンタイ - Perfect Form
    • キュウキョクタイ - Ultimate Form
  • ズカン - Picture Book - Digimon not yet unlocked have their names replaced by "???????"
    • バージョン - VERSION - look up Digimon by version
      • DM V1 -- 14 Digimon
      • DM V2 -- 14 Digimon
      • DM V3 -- 14 Digimon
      • DM V4 -- 14 Digimon
      • DM V5 -- 14 Digimon
      • DMP V1 -- 20 Digimon
      • DMP V2 -- 20 Digimon
      • DMP V3 -- 20 Digimon
      • DMP V4 -- 20 Digimon
      • DMP V5 -- 20 Digimon
      • Ver. S -- 10 Digimon
      • Ver. WS -- 6 Digimon
      • Dワールド - D WORLD - 10 Digimon
      • D.VICE -- 2 Digimon
    • セイソクチ - Habitat - look up Digimon by habitat
      • ファイルトウ - FILE Island
        • [left-to-right menu, showing map areas]
        • イジゲン (no map markings) - Another Dimension - 1 Digimon
        • ギアサバンナ (SW part of island) - GEAR SAVANNAH - 6 Digimon
        • フメイ ("?" on map) - Unknown - 13 Digimon
        • TPジャングル (NE part of island) - TROPICAL JUNGLE - 7 Digimon
        • キンカイ (surrounding sea on map) - Coastal Waters - 3 Digimon
        • ジョウクウ (whole island highlighted) - Sky - 3 Digimon
        • フリーズランド (N edge of island) - FREEZELAND - 4 Digimon
        • マヨワズノモリ (SE part of island) - Native Forest (in Japanese, "Not-Get-Lost Woods") - 16 Digimon
        • ミスティツリーズ (NW part of island) - MISTY TREES - 2 Digimon
        • ムゲンマウンテン (centre of island) - Infinity MOUNTAIN - 1 Digimon
      • Fタイリク - Folder Continent
        • [left-to-right menu, showing map areas]
        • GDサバンナ (NW part of map) - GUARDIAN SAVANNAH - 10 Digimon
        • SPランド (SW part of map) - SPIRITUAL LAND - 11 Digimon
        • フメイ ("?" on map) - Unknown - 46 Digimon
        • セイバーベイ (sea to the SE) - SABER BAY - 11 Digimon
        • NMフォレスト (centre part of map) - NIGHTMARE FOREST - 11 Digimon
        • Mエンパイア (E part of map) - METAL EMPIRE - 11 Digimon
      • ダークエリア - DARK AREA - 14 Digimon
      • フメイ - Unknown - 28 Digimon
  • コネクト - CONNECT - link to other toys for analysis
タイム - TIME
  • クロック - CLOCK - look at the clock
  • アラーム - ALARM - set the alarm
  • タイマー - TIMER - a countdown timer, which can be set in minutes
  • ミニゲーム - MINIGAME - math game (see below)
  • シュウセイ - Modify - set the clock
フレンド - FRIEND - Address Book function
  • データ - DATA - browse through your Address Book
  • トウロク - Register - create a new entry
  • サクジョ - Delete - delete an existing entry
  • シュウセイ - Modify - revise an existing entry
オプション - OPTION
  • サウンド - SOUND - ON/OFF
  • コントラスト - CONTRAST - use the left/right arrows to adjust the meter
  • ヘルプ - HELP - ON/OFF (operation descriptions during the puzzles)


Manipulating a scrambled picture of a Digimon in one of eight ways solves puzzles. Pictures of the different methods are numbered and printed to the side of the LCD screen. Pressing the corresponding number key will perform that operation on the picture. The operations are as follows:
  1. Invert black/white
  2. Flip vertically
  3. Flip horizontally
  4. Unscramble four horizontal slices
  5. Unscramble four vertical slices
  6. Remove noise
  7. Unscramble rectangular cross-section
  8. If you get a picture of a human, use this to get a Digimon instead

The game starts with all Baby I and Baby II Digimon analyzed, and a choice of Child or Adult Digimon to attempt in the puzzle game. When all Child and Adult Digimon have been analyzed, the puzzle game offers Perfect Digimon. When all Perfect Digimon have been analyzed, the puzzle game offers Ultimate Digimon. When all Digimon have been analyzed, the ending sequence is displayed. After that, the puzzle game will offer a Digimon of random level to redo, and the ending sequence is displayed every time (you can skip it by pressing OK).

Minigame (Math Game)

Here a Digimon will appear along with two numbers. Solve the equation and a new Digimon will appear and your counter will go up.

Analyzable Digimon Listing

(Check the V-Pet introduction for a complete list.)
Digital Monster v.1
Digital Monster v.2
Digital Monster v.3
Digital Monster v.4
Digital Monster v.5

(Check the Pendulum introduction for a complete list. On the Pendulums the .5 version Digimon will register as the .0 counterparts. Pendulum Zero is not readable.)
Pendulum 1.0: Nature Spirits
Pendulum 2.0: Deep Savers
Pendulum 3.0: Nightmare Soldiers
Pendulum 4.0: Wind Guardians
Pendulum 5.0: Metal Empire
NOTE: Agumon and MetalGreymon on the (Pendulum 5.0) are listed seperately.

Ver. S Digimon (Digimon SegaSaturn Game)

Ver. WS Digimon (Digimon WonderSwan Game)

Digimon World

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