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This is the first Pedometer Digivice outside Japan. Progressing through the areas requires you to take "steps" which are counted from a pendulum inside the toy. Keep it attached to your belt and as you walk (or shake it manually) the counter will decrease leading you to the end of the area.

Versions 1, 2 and 2.5 have been reported. This guide is written from the Version 1. One known difference is that Versions 2 and 2.5 include the Ultimate levels of the partner Digimon.

Set-Up and Game Play:

Select your partner Digimon, then start walking.

The top button is "Select", and allows you to scroll through the options. The left button is "OK" and the bottom button is "Cancel". Repeatedly pressing the OK button displays the distance remaining on the current map location, the total number of steps taken, and your D-Power.

  1. States: Here you can check your Digimon and their evolutions, and view their Life and Attack stats. The Digimon you check last becomes your active partner.
  2. Map: There are 7 locations in the game, and you can see them all. They are played in a fixed order, and you cannot switch between them until you have completed the game.
  3. Slot Game: Spin the wheels to get two Digimon, and gain or lose distance depending on what was drawn.
  4. Card Game: This game uses the OK button on the left to refer to the left card, and the Select button in the top-right to refer to the right card. Two cards are drawn with Digimon on them, and you are given a short time to press one, both, or neither button. For each side, press the button to attack if the card was an enemy Digimon, and don't press it if the card was a partner. This is repeated four times, and at the end, you gain or lose distance depending on your performance.
  5. Medical: Use this option if your Digimon is injured.
  6. VS: When the Connect screen appears, press the OK button to connect to another Digivice using the special battle rules. Press the Select button to connect using the V-Pet rules.

When walking, you can be attacked by enemy Digimon. Attacks are charged by pressing the Select button rapidly. If you press it enough times, your Digimon will attack, but if not, the enemy will be allowed to attack. Evolution must be done one stage per turn, and consumes some of your D-Power. Successful evolution depends on shaking the Digivice in the right way when it says "Count".

When the Distance reaches 0, a Boss will appear. Defeat the boss to move to the next area. Bosses cannot be hurt by Child Digimon.
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