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D-Scanner Barcode Scanning

Scanning plays a very important role in the D-Scanner series. Winning battles is what gains SDP needed for Jogressing (D-Scanner 3.0) and Training. You gain Digimon and items by scanning and essentially it's the only way to collect all the Digimon. There are two main types of barcodes - the normal ones that you get on products and books, and the D-Scanner card ones. Note that you should keep the Barcode on the inside of your D-Scanner box, as it contains a useful Cure Box.

Button functions

Press the side button twice and a red light will turn on the top of your D-Scanner. As the red laser shines, pass your D-Scanner over the barcode from left to right. This should be done quickly. You can scan backwards (from right to left) if you choose on the off chance of getting something. On the D-Scanner Version 3.0 you have two options. The D-Scan is the normal scanning for Digimon or Items, and the J-Scan (Jogress Scan) allows you to scan 3 barcodes at once to get the Ancient Digimon. Since the Ancients are rare most of the time it will come up as a miss-match.

Barcode Scanning Events

After scanning, one of the following should happen:

  1. Gain:
    • Get Digimon: You manage to successfully scan a Barcode and get the Digimon without fighting. Sometimes you can also gain Spirits, which evolve you in the respective Hybrid Digimon.
    • Get Item: An item appears on-screen. Items can be used before a battle, or to heal status.
  2. Battle: The screen will indicate which of the following type of Battle it is before it begins.
    • Normal Battle: You see the Digimon you'll fight against, get a chance to choose a Digimon of your own and an Item. Then, you'll be able to scan a barcode back and forth till the timer is up, for Attack Power. If you lose, you'll need a Cure Box to regain your health, or if you do not care too much about that Digimon you can switch to another. Cure Boxes can be found very easily. They are on the box of every version of the D-Scanner.
    • Capture Battle: The same as normal Battle, however, if you win, you'll also gain the opponent Digimon to use as your main Digimon if you wish, unless you used an Eraser item before the battle.
    • Defense Battle: The same as normal Battle, however, if you lose, your Digimon will be deleted. To prevent this, you might want to use an Eraser Lock, or always have your favorite Digimon's barcode on hand.
  3. Errors:
    • Error: Your Barcode is damaged, or you didn't scan it correctly.
    • Barcode Explosion: You did a slight mistake in Scanning, however, you can try again in that same way to do a successful Scan.
    • Mismatch: The Barcode scanned isn't supported by your D-Scanner version, or your Jogress Scan (Version 3.0) was unsuccessful.

Note: Scanning a Barcode requires practice, and you may take several attempts in order to do a successful Scan. As sometimes the Barcodes are very similar and human error is a factor, an error may pop-up but the code still valid. Have patience and don't give up.

Special Lucemon Event (D-Scanner Version 3.0)

When you scan a barcode, Lucemon will appear once out of every 100 scans. Lucemon appears and the battle will begin. The damage will be cumulative, and retain after every battle in the event Lucemon runs. Once you finally defeat Lucemon - Rookie, keep scanning and you will then face Lucemon Falldown Mode randomly, repeat and then face Lucemon Satan Mode. Beat all three and you will receive Lucemon - Rookie. Then repeat the cycle once more to capture Lucemon Falldown Mode and then a third time for Lucemon Satan Mode.
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