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Version 1.0/1.5 Version 2.0 Ultimate D-Ark

Slashable Digimon - D-Ark Version 1.0/1.5

Slashable Partner Digimon

1Guilmonimage125 or 245HP:5 AP:1
2Growmonimage351 or 578HP:8 AP:2
3BlackGrowmonimage233HP:7 AP:2
4MegaloGrowmonimage562HP:11 AP:2
5BlackMegaloGrowmonimage190HP:10 AP:2
6Dukemonimage890HP:12 AP:3
7ChaosDukemonimage864HP:12 AP:3
8Terriermonimage421 or 312HP:6 AP:1
9Galgomonimage531 or 632HP:8 AP:1
10Rapidmonimage689HP:11 AP:2
11SaintGalgomonimage541HP:12 AP:3
12Renamonimage789 or 634HP:5 AP:1
13Kyuubimonimage470 or 163HP:8 AP:2
14Taomonimage226HP:10 AP:2
15Sakuyamonimage586HP:11 AP:3

Slashable Note Digimon

16Agumonimage329HP:5 AP:1
17V-mon (1.0)image524HP:5 AP:1
Lopmon (1.5)image849HP:5 AP:1
18Betamonimage690HP:4 AP:1
19PicoDevimonimage444HP:5 AP:1
20Ganimonimage357HP:4 AP:1
21Hagurumonimage745HP:5 AP:1
22Keramonimage004HP:6 AP:1
23Greymon (Va)image564HP:7 AP:1
24XV-monimage221HP:8 AP:2
Wendimonimage767HP:8 AP:2
25Seadramonimage479HP:7 AP:1
26Tylomonimage576HP:8 AP:2
27Devimonimage666HP:8 AP:2
28Guardromonimage789HP:8 AP:2
29Chrysallimonimage456HP:10 AP:2
30Dogmonimage823HP:10 AP:2
31Allomonimage123HP:10 AP:2
32Magnamonimage000HP:13 AP:3
33MetalGreymon (Va)image222HP:12 AP:3
34Paildramon (1.0)image345HP:12 AP:3
Antiramon (1.5)image901HP:12 AP:3
35Vamdemonimage678HP:12 AP:3
36Orochimon (1.0)image224HP:12 AP:3
Pandamon (1.5)image934HP:12 AP:3
37MarineDevimonimage543HP:12 AP:3
38Megadramonimage653HP:12 AP:3
39Infermonimage245HP:12 AP:3
40Chimeramonimage789HP:12 AP:3
41WarGreymonimage343HP:13 AP:4
42Imperialdramon Fighter Mode (1.0)image000 or 010HP:15 AP:5
Imperialdramon Paladin Mode (1.5)image123HP:15 AP:5
43VenomVamdemonimage267HP:13 AP:3
44Diablomonimage777HP:15 AP:4
45MugenDramon (1.0)image789HP:15 AP:4
Cherubimon (Vi) (1.5)image098HP:15 AP:4
46Omegamonimage901 or 354HP:15 AP:5
47MetalSeadramonimage258HP:13 AP:3
48Impmonimage249HP:8 AP:2
49Milleniumonimage576 or 696HP:15 AP:4

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