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The D-Gather is an updated version of the D-Terminal for Digimon Tamers, released by Bandai Asia. It was released in conjunction with the D-Power Digivices of the region, and has similar functionality to the D-Terminal with the exception of the Game mode. The Game mode has been replaced with a Partner mode which allows the user to raise any of the twelve Adventure Digimon or Guilmon, Renamon, Terriermon, or Impmon from Tamers. Also, the Data Size option in the Database is replaced with a second Technique option, and the Card option in the Database is removed altogether.

Due to the similarities of the D-Terminal and the D-Gather's Database, Translate, and System modes, only the Partner and VS Battle modes will be documented in this introduction.

Partner: When first selected, you will be able to select from any of the sixteen main characters from both Adventure seasons and the Tamers season. The only way to switch characters after making your decision is to reset, even though the manual has a Change option listed.

  • Status: Check on your Digimon's Hungry, Power, Speed, Data Size, Wins, and Win Ratio here. Hungry, Power, Speed, and Data Size seem to be the main factors in what your Digimon evolves into during battle - the Win Ratio, unlike the v-pets, does not have an effect on evolution. Note that the Win Ratio only applies to connection battles and not training battles.
  • Feed: Feed your Digimon food you've obtained via the Food Catcher and the Bonus Game. The Meat will fill the Hungry meter with one piece per meter square, the Beef and Bread will fill the Power and Speed meter respectively with five to seven pieces per meter square. Data Size can be increased by Meat when fed with a full Hungry meter, but Beef and Bread will always increase Data Size.
  • Food Catcher: Use the Select and Cancel buttons to move the claw left and right, and the D-Pad down to extend the claw. This is very similar to the game found on the US release of the D-Power.
  • Training: Select to "Designate" a training partner for your Digimon or let the D-Gather pick one at "Random." If you defeat a Randomly selected Digimon, you will be given a Bonus Game which is similar to the Food Catcher, except that there's less time to grab the food and the three pieces of food stay still.
  • Medical: Should your Digimon have been injured (A hook-type symbol will flash on the screen when this happens), this option will heal them on the spot. There are two ways to be injured...
    • There is a more frequent random chance of being injured when you lose a Training battle.
    • There is a less frequent random chance of being injured when Beef or Bread is eaten. If this happens, Power, Speed, and Data Size will not increase from that piece of food.
  • Battle: The battles in Training mode are played via only three options - Attack, Digivolve, and Escape.
    • Attack: A meter appears at the bottom of the screen with your current Digimon also pictured - you should time your press of the Select button or the D-Pad to when the meter is full.
    • Digivolve: Evolves your Digimon if they have enough training. Many times, you may find that your Digimon will actually evolve differently than the TV series!
    • Escape: Unlike the Escape command on the other Digivices, your Digimon will always automatically lose if you Escape.

VS Battle: There are two options under VS Battle.

  • VS Partner: Allows you to battle with your raised Digimon from Partner mode via the Bandai America / Bandai Asia Digivice rules only.
  • Call: Similar to the D-Terminal's VS Battle function and also uses the v-pet rules only like the D-Terminal, but the codes to summon a Digimon are indeed different and the Digi-Code and sound sequence does not appear before the Digimon is summoned.

For a (Currently incomplete) list of evolutions that can occur on the D-Gather, check out the D-Gather Growth Chart Project at With the Will. As more is discovered about how evolution works on the D-Gather, the details will be recorded in the first post.

Special thanks to WarOmnimon for providing this guide.
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