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Where to Buy

Don't know where to get Digivices? Here are a list of places where you can order Digivices and Pendulums online. Down at the bottom of the page are a few Digimon phrases for you to type into search engines.

Yahoo! Japan Auctions:
Yahoo! Auctions is a big auction service in Japan and is always filled with Digimon products. There are proxy bidding sites available to help buyers that are not in Japan. They allow you to get items that don't provide international shipping.
Proxy sites include: Rinkya, Celga, Akibado, Shopping Mall Japan, Mail Order Japan.

Toys N Joys:
Based in Hawaii, good store for people buying from all over. Prices are in US funds, and they have stuff from all sorts of anime series as well as plushies, wallscrolls and plain memorabilia. Their customer service isn't so great. Use only as a last resort.

The #1 auction site on the web, sadly with not much in the way of Japanese Digimon products. You may get lucky, sometimes people do sell their collections. Lots of American products and some fun stuff.

Search Phrases (If you cannot read whats below, let your browser download the language support)
Digimon デジモン
Digital Monster (V-Pet) デジタルモンスター
Digimon Pendulum デジモンペンデュラム
Digimon Pendulum Progress デジモンペンデュラムプログレス
Digimon Pendulum X デジモンペンデュラムX
Digimon Accelerator デジモンアクセル
Digimon Mini デジモンミニ
Digivice デジヴァイス
D-3 D-3
D-Ark ディーアーク
D-Scanner ディースキャナ
Xros Loader クロスローダー
D-Terminal ディーターミナル
Digimon Analyzer デジモンアナライザー
Digimon Twin デジモンツイン
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