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The D-3 is another Pedometer Digivice. Progressing through the areas requires you to take "steps" which are counted from a pendulum inside the toy. Keep it attached to your belt and as you walk (or shake it manually) the counter will decrease leading you to the end of the area.

There are two versions, which are quite different. Version 2 can be identified by a transparent casing and two arrows on the round button. (Version 1 is opaque and only has a right-pointing arrow.)

Set-Up and Game Play:

Select your partner Digimon. On the Version 2 you must then choose a map location, but on the Version 1, the locations are played in a fixed order.

The arrows allow you to scroll through the options. The upward-pointing button is "OK" and the downward one is "Cancel". Repeatedly pressing the OK button displays the distance remaining on the current map location, the total number of steps taken, your D-Power, and your battle record.

  1. Status: Here you can check your Digimon and their currently available evolutions (including Armor), and view their Life and Attack stats. The Digimon you check last becomes your active partner.
  2. Map: On the Version 1 there are only 3 locations in the game, and you can see them all. You cannot switch between them until you have completed the game.
    The Version 2 has multiple levels like later Digivices. You can switch between locations on the current level by selecting a new one with the arrows and pressing the OK button twice. The Version 2 is unique in that you walk to locations, rather than taking steps inside them. Your position appears as a flashing black dot somewhere on the map.
  3. Digi-Egg: Here you can view the Digi-Eggs you have collected. Missing Eggs are marked with a "?".
  4. Game: The Version 1 has a slot game, where you spin the wheels to get two Digimon or Eggs, and gain or lose distance depending on what was drawn.
    The version 2 has two games.
    • Block Game: Different shaped blocks cross the screen from the left, in two rows. Use the arrows to scroll through the different available blocks until you find one that will complete the oncoming block into a rectangular shape. Press the lower edge of the round button to move into the other row (this is the only use for it). Press the OK button to fire. If you complete a block, it disappears and adds to your score. If any block arrives at the right hand side, the game is over. The distance remaining is reduced depending on how well you did in the game.
    • Egg Game: You are shown three Digi-Eggs in a particular order, to memorise. Then you have to select the same three eggs in the right order from a list. It shows you your results, and reduces the distance according to how many you got right.
  5. Medical: Use this option if your Digimon is injured.
  6. Connect:
    • VS: When the Connect screen appears, press the OK button to connect to another Digivice using the special battle rules. Press the left or right arrow to connect using the V-Pet rules.
    • Scan (version 2 only): All Digimon can be scanned on the US D-Terminal.

In addition to random battles when walking, you can find new Digi-Eggs and partner Digimon. You have to push the OK button repeatedly or shake, according to the on-screen instructions. Each Digimon can only use two Eggs. The Version 1 has a halfway boss for each map location which must be defeated before continuing.

During battle, you shake the device at the start of each turn to try to get a high Power value. Your shakes are measured in a subtle way and it is hard to get right. The Power value determines the probability of your Digimon firing a shot. Each turn is split into four smaller turns, where each of the two Digimon fires a shot or not. If both shots are the same size, they cancel each other out, otherwise the bigger one smashes the smaller and reaches its target, doing damage according to its size. In general, each Digimon has a specific shot size equal to its Attack stat, though occasionally it varies up or down. You can Digivolve at the start of a turn to gain more Attack (and HP). Armor Digivolving uses no D-Power, but there is a chance of losing your Egg at the end of the battle. Normal Digivolving uses up some D-Power, and can only be done in the second half of each level (version 1) or after destroying the Dark Spire (version 2).

On the D-3 version 2 there is more than one possible event at the end a map location. You can meet a standard boss, a Dark Spire to be destroyed, a Season 1 Digimon (fully evolved in the battle) who joins your party for the rest of the level if you can defeat it, or a Digi Village which restores your D-Power.
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