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3-prong and IR devices


PenX rules involve 6 hitpoints and 4 sizes of shots. All the 3-prong devices support this.

The Accel and iC each also have special rules with more hitpoints, variable damage and items. The iC can battle using PenX or Accel rules via the prongs, or iC rules via the IR. (The Burst works out like an iC with no prongs.)

A Twin can only battle properly with another Twin. Uniquely, they maintain connection, with some player interaction during the battle.

NOTE 1: For Twin vs iC/Burst, the iC gets an iC-style battle, while the Twin gets a bomb event.

NOTE 2: The DigiWindow scans the iC/Burst, while the iC gets an iC-style battle.

2-prong devices

Quick look-up:


Detailed chart:


X = cannot battle.

X*: For PenProg vs Pendulum Cycle, the PenProg rejects it, but the Cycle gets confused and battles anyway in a glitchy-looking way. For the US Digivice vs Japanese D-Terminal, the Digivice got a more normal looking half-battle.

O = can battle; no further details.

V = V-Pet rules. Both Digimon hit each other for 3 rounds, then on the 4th round the winner fires a double-shot and dodges the last from its opponent.

P = Pendulum rules. Each Digimon has 3 hitpoints, can fire single or double shots (which do 1 or 2 damage) depending on the "count". Each round, one Digimon hits and the other misses, until one runs out of HP.

R = PenProg rules. 4 different sizes of shots depending on the "count". Different Digimon have different damage output and hitpoints.

3 = D-3 rules. Single or double shots, with variable damage and hitpoints.

A = D-Ark rules. Not much difference from D-3 rules (since the "card" only increases your stats and is applied before you connect) but treated differently when connecting.

S = D-Scanner rules. Much the same as PenProg but with items.

D = (US/Europe/Asia) Digivice rules. Not yet clear, but the defining feature is the Digimon can evolve or use items during the battle.

Note: The devices currently on the chart which use the Digivice rules can also use the V-Pet rules. On the "connect" screen, press the "OK" button to activate Digivice rules, or the "select" button to activate V-Pet rules.
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