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The D-Tector is the Bandai America, Asia and Europe equivalent to the Bandai Japan D-Scanner. Unlike the D-Scanner, the D-Tector does not scan barcodes. It instead relies on a motion sensor to input commands in battle. It is also a pedometer-type device and the player must either shake it or walk with it to encounter various events.

Instead of having a Digimon on the main screen, you play with one of the main characters of the Digimon Frontier anime. (Kouichi is not available in the Version 1 but is available from the start in the Version 2.)

The uppermost button on the front of the device is the C button, which cancels your selection or returns to the previous menu. The bottom right button is the B button, which confirms selections and displays the status of your Chosen Child. The lower left button is the A button, and it is used to scroll through selections. The large button on the side is the motion sensor button and is used to switch between the two menus and activate the motion sensor.

There are two main menus. The first menu is accessed by pressing the side button. The second is accessed by pressing the side button while on the first menu.

Note: This guide was written with a Version 1 and Version 2 D-Tector. Other versions may vary.

First Menu:

  1. Map: Allows you to see how many steps you have left in a particular area as well as move to another area.
  2. Status: Checks the status of your Chosen Children. Select a character to check his or her stats.
  3. Spirits: Checks the status of your Spirits and the Digimon they allow your Chosen to evolve into.
  4. Camp: Heal wounds after a battle. Steps (or shakes) taken while in Camp Mode will not count.
  5. Connect
    • V.S Battle: Battle with a compatible device. Shake to power up your Digimon.
    • Trade: Trade Digimon with another D-Tector. Select “Data Out” if you will be sending a Digimon and “Data In” if you will be receiving a Digimon.

Second Menu:

  1. Digi-Database: Allows you to review the Digimon you have befriended and put them in the D-Docks for battle. You may review the Digimon’s stats by pressing B. To place the Digimon in a D-Dock, press B again on its status screen, then select your D-Dock. There are four D-Docks in all. If you do not have any Digimon in your D-Docks, a weak Digimon will automatically be summoned in battle. (Numemon in the Version 1, Bokomon in the Version 2.)
  2. Digi-Digits: Allows you to input a special code from the D-Tector Card Game in order to unlock a specific Digimon. Use A to scroll through the letters, B to confirm, and C to back out of the screen.
  3. Game: "Practice" in the Version 1--only the training minigame is available.
    • Training: Allows you to practice for battle. A Digimon will be summoned, and you will be given a specific attack type. Use the motion sensor to command the Digimon. To use the motion sensor, press the motion sensor button when prompted. The LED light will flash three times. The first time just lets you know that the motion sensor is active, but the second and third times determine which attack you will use. On the following, a 1 means to wave your hand (or otherwise trigger the sensor) over the sensor, and a 0 means to leave it alone.
      • Energy Attack: 1, 1
      • Ability Attack: 0, 1
      • Crush Attack: 0, 0
      If you fail to properly signal, the attack will fail.
    • Bubble Wars: (VERSION 2 ONLY) Shooting game in which the player pops bubbles. Press A to move down, B to move up, the motion sensor button to fire, and C to quit. You cannot break black bubbles.
  4. Digi-Searcher: Use the motion sensor to trigger various events. (Though the device itself implies that you must hold the D-Tector up to a TV for this, you don’t need to. It just triggers the motion sensor.) Events will be the same as ordinary events you experience while walking. You may also find items.

Events While Walking

Data Storm: May blow you away to another area of the map or take team members or Spirits away. Press the B button rapidly to escape.

Battle: Battling brings you to this menu:

  • Battle Call: Summons one of the Digimon in your D-Docks, using the same motion sensor technique as the training game. If you make a mistake or do not have any Digimon in your D-Docks, Bokomon will automatically be summoned.
    • D-Dock 1: 1,1
    • D-Dock 2: 0,1
    • D-Dock 3: 1,0
    • D-Dock 4: 0,0
  • Spirit On: Equips one of your Chosen Children with a Spirit, allowing you to use a Hybrid Digimon. This is not possible if you do not have enough DP. Spirits may only be used if you have their respective Chosen Children in your party. For example, if you have the H-Spirit of Fire but do not have Takuya in your party, you may not use the H-Spirit of Fire. Spirit Digimon may choose which attack type they wish to use. They may also use “Digi-Power” if you have enough DP. When you select this option, you will be prompted to summon a Digimon from the D-Docks. This Digimon’s power will be added to the Spirit Digimon’s.
  • Digi-Digits: Input Digi-Digits to automatically summon a Digimon without using the D-Docks. The Digimon’s data will be saved to your Digi-Database after the battle
  • Escape: Run away from the fight.

After you have summoned a Digimon from the D-Docks or Spirit Evolved, the following options will be added:

  • Attack: Select your attack using the same method outlined in the training game. If the Digimon you are using has too high a level, it may not listen to your commands.
  • Evolve: Evolve your Digimon if you have unlocked its evolution. Evolution is linear and only follows anime-accurate lines. For example, Agumon may only evolve to Greymon, who may only evolve to MetalGreymon, who may only evolve to WarGreymon.
  • Deport: Return Digimon to its D-Dock
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