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D-Scanner Items

Plugin V[LCD]AP 10% Up.
Plugin K[LCD]AP 20% Up.
Plugin F[LCD]HP 10% Up.
Plugin G[LCD]HP 20% Up.
Plugin H[LCD]SP 10% Up.
Plugin T[LCD]SP 20% Up.
A AP Up[LCD]The effect of V/K Plugins are cancelled when Enemy uses it.
A HP Up[LCD]The effect of F/G Plugins are cancelled when Enemy uses it.
A SP Up[LCD]The effect of H/T Plugins are cancelled when Enemy uses it.
Double EXE[LCD]Doubles your AP.
Triple EXE[LCD]Triples your AP.
Hyper EXE[LCD]Makes all hits Hyper Hits.
Power Booster[LCD]Raises AP/HP/SP.
Hit Lock[LCD]Reduces your opponents attacks to normal hits.
Gambler[LCD]Changes stats to; HP/SP = 1, and AP = 99
Va Modify[LCD]Changes Digimon type to Vaccine
Da Modify[LCD]Changes Digimon type to Data
Vi Modify[LCD]Changes Digimon type to Virus
A Change[LCD]The effect of Va/Da/Vi Modify is cancelled when Enemy uses it.
Eraser[LCD]Enemy Disappears on Loss
A Eraser[LCD]The effect of Eraser is cancelled when Enemy uses it.
Eraser Lock[LCD]Your Digimon doesn't disappear if you lose by Critical Hit.
Protector[LCD]When you lose, your Digimon doesn't get infected.
Low Worm[LCD]After each attack, your Enemy gets automatically hurt.
SDP Down[LCD]Your enemy's SDP lowers by 50 after the battle.
Power Charger[LCD]You can charge 10 SP
Super Charger[LCD]You can charge 20 SP
Summon Cube[LCD]According to the amount of Scan-Power, you will get a different Digimon to fight with.
Cure Box[LCD]Heals infected Digimon and can be used outside a battle.
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