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Pendulum Cycle

The Pendulum Cycle is a virtual pet based on the original Pendulums. It includes the Pendulum shaking feature for training, and Jogressing can be performed with other Cycles. The LCD screen is the original small size, but uses the side-scrolling style menu (common in the items with larger screens).

The Pendulum Cycle has three main features making it different from other Digimon Pets. Your Digimon grows, evolves and dies within a much shorter time than on other items. It can reverse evolve back to the Child stage. And random battles can appear when doing nothing, and must be dealt with.

Each Pendulum Cycle contains the Digimon from the .0 and the .5 version of the Pendulum it was based on, plus some other unconfirmed Digimon. Ancient Digimon have been reported when Jogressing two Ultimates.

Version 7 - Pendulum 2.x
Version 8 - Pendulum 3.x
Version 9 - Pendulum 4.x
Version 10 - Pendulum 5.x

Sound: Hit A and C at the same time to disable to sound.
Pause feature: The Pendulum Cycle can be paused by going to the clock screen, hitting A and C at the same time to put the clock on SET, and leaving it in that position.

  1. Scale: There is the usual age/weight screen, followed by the Hunger hearts.
    The Strength is different, made up of two screens, Training with four square boxes followed by the Strength hearts. When all four Training squares are filled, the next increase will fill one Strength heart (and empty the squares).
    There is no DP shown. The next screen is the battle record, showing 3-digit counters for wins and total battles, in addition to the percentages. The last screen shows the Digimon's type, and its Battle/Jogress abilities.
  2. Food: There are two options. The first option is a piece of bread, which will fill one heart of Hunger. The second option is, strangely, a piece of meat, which will fill one square of Training.
  3. Training: There are two options.
    • Normal: This is a game which is different on each version, but the rules are the same. Shake the Cycle when it says "Count", and your Digimon will attempt the game with varying degrees of success according to the number of times you shook. A perfect performance fills four squares of Training (not quite one Strength heart), and an adequate performance fills one. (This means the Cycle requires more training than other pets to stay healthy.)
    • Battle: This option allows you to battle another Digimon without having to connect.
  4. Connect: There are three options.
    • VS battle
    • Scan (US D-Terminal)
    • Jogress
  5. Toilet: The same as always, this clears poops from the screen.
  6. Lights: Use this function to turn the lights off when your Digimon goes to sleep.
  7. Medical: There are two options. Use the first if your Digimon is sick, and the second if it is injured after a battle.
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