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The D-Cyber is the Bandai Asia version of the Pendulum X in a different, flip phone style case. Unlike the Pendulum X, all onscreen text is in English, with some Digimon having names that are not used anywhere else. (Example: Dorumon becomes Dolmon, Gaioumon becomes Samudramon.) Instead of the XAI system, the D-Cyber calls it the DAI system. The LCD screen is larger (with bigger pixels) and the Digimon paces about the screen more quickly. The D-Cyber also offers the option to save a favorite Digimon for use in battle at a later date.

Where the Pendulum X has the new-style three-pronged connector, the D-Cyber has the old-style two-pronged connector, meaning that it can battle with older V-pets and Digivices.

Each version of the D-Cyber corresponds to a version of the Pendulum X, and all of the Pendulum X evolution requirements work on the D-Cyber.

Pushing the B button during ordinary gameplay will bring up the clock. Press A and B to reset the clock. Sound may be turned off by pressing A and C.

The D-Cyber may be paused by pressing the B and the C buttons at the same time.

The menu options are as follows:

Digimon: Check the status of your Digimon. The lights on the DAI indicate your Digimon’s status.

Meal: Feed food and other items to your Digimon.

Training: You have two options.

  • Training: Train your Digimon.
  • Quest: Travel a map, using the DAI as a die to see how many spaces you will move. This is how you obtain items which will be vital to your Digimon’s evolution.

Toilet: Flush away your Digimon’s little messes.

Medicine: There are two options here. “Hurt” is for when your Digimon has the little skull hanging around its head. “Sick” is for when your Digimon has a little speech bubble with “…” inside.

Light: Turn the lights on or off.

Clone: Save a copy of your current Digimon in one of four D-Docks. The saved Digimon may be used in battle later.

Connect: There are four options.

  • Battle: Battle with a compatible device. The D-Cyber’s instructions claim that it can battle with all Japanese and American electronics made prior to the Pendulum X.
  • Trade: Trade items with another D-Cyber.
  • Jogress: Jogress your Digimon with another D-Cyber.
  • Scan: Allows a D-Spirit to scan your data.

Dice: Use your D-Cyber as a die for use in a board game.
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