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European D-Power

The (European) D-Power is another Pedometer Digivice. Progressing through the areas requires you to take "steps" which are counted from a pendulum inside the toy. Keep it attached to your belt and as you walk (or shake it manually) the counter will decrease leading you to the end of the area.

The information here is for the Version 1. There are two more versions but these are very rare. Note that some things may be different.

Set-Up and Game Play:

Select your partner Digimon, then choose a map location to attempt first. Then you can walk it by shaking.

Repeatedly pressing the Down button displays the distance remaining on the current map location, the total number of steps taken, your D-Energy, and your battle record. The Up button is generally "Cancel". The options can be scrolled through by pressing the Left and Right buttons, and selected with the Down button.

  1. Status: Here you can check your Digimon and their currently available evolutions, and view their stats (Life, Attack, Sense and Speed). The Digimon you check last becomes your active partner.
  2. Map: Displays the available locations on this level. To abandon your current location and attempt a different one, select the new location with the Left and Right buttons and OK it with the Down button. It will tell you the number of steps for that location. Press Down again to change, or Up to cancel. You will lose some or all of your progress on the location you leave.
  3. Card: View your Battle Cards and D-Volve Cards. You can delete a Battle Card by pressing the Down button twice while the card is selected.
  4. Game: This a target game where you have to splat the bugs. Move left and right with the corresponding buttons, and press the Down button when pointing at your target. The black ones require two hits. You earn D-Energy according to how well you do in the game.
  5. Medical: Use this option if your Digimon is injured.
  6. Connect:
    • VS: When the Connect screen appears, press the Down button to connect to another Digivice using the special battle rules. Press the Left or Right button to connect using the V-Pet rules.
    • Scan: Some Digimon can be scanned on the US D-Terminal. Select a Digimon and connect. The D-Power will always give an error, and the D-Terminal will give an error if it does not recognise the Digimon.

The D-Power requires card slashing during battle. When you select a Battle Card or D-Volve Card, you have to apply the physical card in the correct way to make it work. The contacts are very tight, so fortunately it is not necessary to force the card all the way through. A credit card works fine if you just press it against the switch on one side and hold it for the right time.

On the D-Power there is more than one possible event at the end a map location. The usual boss can appear, but for example, there can also be a Card Shop where you purchase Battle Cards using your D-Energy. And somewhere in the first level (of Version 1) you have to rescue Calumon from Impmon, and he then gives you the first D-Volve Card. Each level has the same four events every time, but they are in different locations on each game, so you have to guess. If you find the boss before the first D-Volve Card, it is necessary to leave that level and try another.

In addition to random battles when walking, you can meet the card seller. He shows you several Battle Cards and allows you to choose one to buy. You can also find the other two partner Digimon without having to do anything.
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