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DigiSoul / Plate Charge

DigiSoul Charge is a way to get helpful food items and DigiSoul that will allow your to Digimon to evolve into something other than the default evolutions. It uses the sensors at the top of the iC. When scanning, press these sensors against something conductive such as your fingers, and black bars will appear on the screen to indicate which pins are connected.

Plate Charge can give you items ranging from accessories to weapons to special food. You may also get into a battle to win special items. Typically, only DDP chips (one comes with each iC) may be used for the Plate Charge. The plates have raised bumps on them that push two recessed buttons on the side of the receptors at the top of the iC. You can get around this by using a paper clip or other item that can push two small recessed buttons at once. For the metal sensors, the black bars do not appear on the screen to help you, but they work the same way.

These cards can be made at home, for easier scanning of DigiSoul or Plates. Use the "DEC" codes listed in the tables below.

For a list of item descriptions, please check the Item Page.


The codes refer to the Pattern Bar display. 0 = OFF/No Line; 1 = ON/Line

For Example:
00110 = Sensor #3 and 4 ON.
10100 = Sensor #1 and 3 ON.

All codes have 1 for the 3rd digit. For the other digits, the iC checks which of the other sensors are connected to Sensor #3.

L and R refer to the buttons to the left and the right of the receptors, pressed during Plate Charge.

DigiSoul Charge

001015Beast DigiSoulWater DigiSoulWater DigiSoul
001106Machine DigiSoulMachine DigiSoulMachine DigiSoul
001117Water DigiSoulWater DigiSoulWater DigiSoul
0110012Bird DigiSoulDragon DigiSoulDragon DigiSoul
0110113Dragon DigiSoulBird DigiSoulBird DigiSoul
0111115Bird DigiSoulDragon DigiSoulBird DigiSoul
1010121CakeCake (in box)Cloud
1011022Dark DigiSoulDark DigiSoulDark DigiSoul
1011123Insect DigiSoulHoly DigiSoulHoly DigiSoul
1110028Machine DigiSoulHoly DigiSoulBeast DigiSoul
1110129Holy DigiSoulInsect DigiSoulInsect DigiSoul
1111030Beast DigiSoulBeast DigiSoulBeast DigiSoul
1111131Dragon DigiSoulBird DigiSoulDragon DigiSoul

Plate Charge

001015L, R, LRBeast Digisoul
001106L, LRHoly Digisoul
RFowl Tornado
001117L, LRBeast Claw
R (food item)WafersBurgerPancakes
0110012L, R, LRInsect/Plant Digisoul
0110113L, R, LRDragon Digisoul
0111014L (hat item)Poop CapCrownhorned hat
RWater Drop
LR (food item)RamuneLollipopSandwich
0111115LJungle Needle
R (hat item)Poop CapCrownhorned hat
1010020L, LRDark Digisoul
RMetal Knuckle
1010121LBATTLE (+ item)MetalGreymon + AuraMegaloGrowmon + AuraMegaSeadramon + BP-Max
R, LRHoly Saint
1011022L (food item)ChocolateBurgerGummy
R, LRWater Digisoul
1011123LDark Darkness
ROne of every Digisoul
LRBATTLE (+ item)Dukemon + AuraLoaderLeomon + AuraOrotimon + BP-Max
1110028L, R, LRMachine/Mutant Digisoul
1110129LOne of every Digisoul
R, LRBird Digisoul
1111030L, LRDragon Sword
RBATTLE + Metal ArmorAngewomonMegadramonTonosamaGekomon
1111131LBATTLE + Reliability MaxLadyDevimonAsuramonDigitamamon
RBATTLE + Reliability MaxWereGarurumonHippogriffmonVamdemon
LRBATTLE + Reliability MaxKuwagamonPinocchimonMonzaemon

Special thanks to Flarealchemist for help with the codes.
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