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Here you see how to get any of the Digimentals on the D-3. For a gallery chart of the Digimentals and their LCDs please click here.

Help Wave

To get the Digimentals without connecting to the D-Terminal, check the Help Wave status select the function from the Menu. If you appear to be catching a HELP wave you are close to an AM radio signal or TV. Move closer and keep the Digivice close to it until the entire bar fills up. You will receive a piece of a Digimental. Collect all three pieces of the same Digimental and you can now use it. You can only get the Digimental of Kindness and Miracles by transferring them from your D-Terminal; pieces of them will not be able to be found. The specific egg pieces you can get are determined as follows:

D-3 Version 1

Area 1: Love + Light + Hope + Purity
Area 2: Light + Sincerity + Knowledge + Friendship
Area 3: Hope + Love + Knowledge + Courage

D-3 Version 2

Area 1: Courage + Hope + Knowledge + Friendship
Area 2: Light + Knowledge + Sincerity + Kindness
Area 3: Kindness + Kindness + Courage + Love

D-3 Version 3

Area 1: Purity + Love + Courage + Tenderness
Area 2: Courage + Light + Friendship + Purity
Area 3: Love + Hope + Sincerity + Knowledge

Connect with D-Terminal

Digimentals can be transferred between the D-3 and the D-Terminal. The D-Terminal can create Digimentals from combining Digimon or other Eggs. This allows you to gain them on the D-3 earlier in the game than would otherwise be possible, and also to gain the Digimentals of Kindness and Miracles which are otherwise unavailable on the D-3.

Combination Details
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