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Pendulum X 3.0


About 1 hour after being born by Digitama, it evolves into Baby 2. Check status often.
From Pupumon with no conditions


From Proromon:
- 10 or more care mistakes.
- 10 Trainings or more.
From Proromon:
- Two or less care mistakes.
From Proromon:
- Fulfill neither of the other two child requirements.


From All Child Digimon:
- Three or less care mistakes.
- Feed a STR-MAX 1-time or more.
From All Child Digimon:
- Four or less care mistake
- Feed Meat-M twice or more.
- 20 trainings or more, 80% Win Ratio, Two or more or each Meat-L, Aqua Orb, Sky Wing, and CHO-Energy.
From All Child Digimon:
- 20 or more Battles.
- X-Type is Normal (No)
From All Child Digimon:
- Default evolution if no other requirements have been met.


From Waspmon, Raptordramon, GinRyumon:
- Three or less care mistakes.
- Win Ratio of 70% or more.
- Meat-L 2 times or more.
- STR-MAX 2 times or more.
JOGRESS: Raptordramon (3.0) + Waspmon (3.0) (NOTE: Both will become Grademon)
From All Adults:
- Four or less care mistakes
- 30 or more Battles.
- Feed Sky Wing twice or more times.
- Feed Aqua Orb one or more times.
JOGRESS: GinRyumon (3.0) + Omekamon (3.0) (NOTE: Both will become Hisharyumon)
From All Adults:
- Two or less care mistakes
- 30 battles or more.
- Metal Rise 1-time or more.
- Protein + 2 times or more.
From All Adults:
- Default evolution if no other requirements have been met.


From All Perfects:
- No care mistakes.
- 150 Battles or more.
- 80% Win Ratio.
- STR-MAX and CHO-Energy 4 times each.
- Hisharyumon and MetalPhantmon must be second Generation to evolve to Alphamon.
From All Perfects:
- Two or less care mistakes.
- 80% Win Ratio or higher.
- Three or more of Aqua Orb, Metal Rise, and Sky Wing.
- CHO-Energy 2 times or more.
- CannonBeemon and MetalPhantmon must be second Generation to evolve to Ouryumon.
From CannonBeemon:
- If it wins a Battle against Omegamon X from the Pendulum X 1.0/1.5 and a Battle against Dukemon X from the Pendulum X 2.0, it will evolve.
JOGRESS: CannonBeemon (3.0) + Hisharyumon (3.0) (NOTE: Both will become TigerVespamon)
JOGRESS: Alphamon (3.0) + Okuwamon X (1.0/1.5) (NOTE: Alphamon will become TigerVespamon and Okuwamon X will become GrandisKuwagamon)
JOGRESS: Alphamon (3.0) + Triceramon X (NOTE: Alphamon will become TigerVespamon and Okuwamon X will become UltimateBrachimon)

From All Perfects:
- Three or less care mistakes.
- Feed three of each of Metal Rise and CHO-Energy
- One or more D-Poison.
- Grademon must be second Generation to evolve to MetalPiranhmon
Alphamon w/ Ouryuken Sword
From Alphamon:
- Feed three or more Master Tag and feed one or more XX. Afterwards, battle Ouryumon on the Pendulum X 2.0 or 3.0 and win. Alphamon will evolve.

1. When your Digimon has a low XAI it could refuse items, so be careful when feeding it rare items because if it refuses the item you will lose one of that item.
2. If you attempt an unsuccessful Jogress then the Strength of your Digimon will become Zero.
3. On the Pen X 1.0 a Super Hit from any Digimon will take all 6 bars of health, instant kill. However on the Pen X 1.5/2.0/3.0, only a Super hit from a Digimon of a higher level will take all 6 bars; if the same or lower level it'll only remove 4 bars of health.
4. If your Digimon cries out for no reason, Strength and Hunger is full, it is because of a Battle Cry. You must take your Digimon onto the Map and defeat one or more Digimon. It had a lust for Battle. Not responding does count as a Care Mistake.
5. A Care Mistake is when your Digimon cries out and you fail to attend to it before it gives up. Your Digimon will do this when its hearts run out or it's time to turn out the lights.
6. Waking it up during its sleep is also counted as a Care Mistake.
8. Item Gathering: On the 1.5 and 2.0 you do not have to fight the Map bosses, you can use this opportunity to gather items without battling.
9. BLAST EVOLUTION: On the Pendulum X 3.0 there is Blast Evolution, which temporarily evolves your Digimon one or two levels for the duration of the attack. Evolving once (Orange Light) gives you the advantage of killing your opponent with a Super Hit in one shot if it is the same level as you. Evolving twice (Green light) with full hunger and XAI level increases your chances of victory by 70%. If your Digimon battles 100 times you will Blast Evolve every time.
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